Full Pink Moon

Over the last few days, we celebrated the first full moon of spring! The Native Americans named this the Full Pink Moon for the moss pink flower or wild ground phlox which appears at this time of year. It is also goes by many other names, suchas: Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon and Fish Moon. Whatever it is known as, it was a pretty spectacular view last evening as it shone through the windows of our house.

I find lunar energy so incredible, and I look forward to following and marveling in the cycles each month as it waxes and wanes. When my daughter Rachel asks me why I love it so much, I don’t really have a clear answer, but, I do know that it captivates my imagination and makes me feel truly connected to everyone and all the energy within our planet and solar system.

I believe that each month the lunar cycle represents an opportunity to set new goals and intentions, a connection with the universe and helps to
unravel the mysteries in life. Spring is a time for growth, rebirth and renewal and to take part in the beauty of the ‘pretty special’ Full Pink  Moon!

Let’s slow down for a moment and enjoy what nature has to offer to us with no expectations in return. Plant the seeds of your intentions and watch them grow!

Full Moon Blessings,

Love always